Career Coaching

Perfect for those wondering if they need a career change or are already in transition into a new career. Using The Highlands Ability Assessment, we will determine how you are naturally hard-wired, what drives you, and how this applies to your career path. We will explore options for career change, choice and possibilities that you may have never explored.

Life Planning & Purpose

In these coaching sessions, we will examine your life goals and dreams and develop an action plan that will excite and motivate you at the current stage in your life.  I will help you clarify our values, passions, needs, core beliefs , and identify obstacles you may face while taking steps to remove those blocks.

Transition Coaching

Your transition may be exciting or challenging or both. I seek to guide you through these transitions or developmental milestones which may or may not present hurdles you need to ‘jump’. Often a transition may occur that you did not actively choose. Or as Judith Viorst has said ‘necessary losses’. I will help you navigate the unknown.


My approach to Leadership Coaching is a program I developed called "Leading and Living from the Inside Out." We discuss Ten Leadership Skills and Qualities to help you grow and enhance your leadership skills. We may also use The Highlands Assessment as a leadership tool.