I am a native Texan but have lived in Stony Brook, NY for 22 years and have a been a full-time, certified Lifecoach for 20 years. Working with people of all ages and professions who desire to make changes in their lives, I seek to enhance the quality of their professional and personal lives.

In particular, I help my clients through the following issues: transition and life planning, career choice, leadership and developing a team, fitness and wellness coaching. I am a graduate of a coach training institution as well as being certified by the International Coach Federation, The Highlands Company (transforming careers since 1992) and affiliated with Talane Coaching Company.

I have a Master’s degree from the University of Texas. As co-owner of Made to Move Tennis & Wellness with my husband, Spencer, I have avenues which enable me to support others with their fitness and wellness goals. I am passionate about  helping others seek holistic and  practical tools for pro-active rather than re-active living through intuition, inspiration, and motivation.

My family and friends, my church, health and fitness, music, crocheting , yoga and reading are life-giving to me. I am one of the founders and vice-president of The Village Spot, a non-profit outreach to provide resources and life planning for young adults.



Linda Folken, MS, RDN, CDN is a Registered Dietitian, Wellness and Life Coach. Her diverse and comprehensive background in nutrition, health, life and leadership coaching is what sets her apart from others.  She draws on evidence-based scientific research to provide a person centered approach to meet each client’s individual needs in wellness and in life.  

Linda has practiced in the health care field as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist(RDN) for  the past 35 years.  She is a certified Health Coach through the American College of Exercise (ACE) and a graduate of the Coach U Core Essentials Program. Her mission to help her clients decrease stress and increase joy.


What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a partnership that helps you enhance the quality of your professional and personal life. It is designed to help you reach greater satisfaction in what you do and who you are. As a life coach, I will:

  • help you align your goals with your mission/purpose
  • help you achieve clarity and motivation
  • help you strengthen your inner foundation and outer life.

How is coaching different from counseling or therapy?

Therapy is more focused on the past and uncovering why something may be impacting your life today – the core issue. Coaching focuses on the present, what you want in your future and how you will achieve that. While we may discuss habits and patterns that are part of your past narrative, we will determine “what” and “how” you can move forward  now  to be more consistent with the future you desire.

Are you “coachable?”

You are an excellent match, if:

  • you are a committed and principled person or professional, who is prepared to make a change to reach your goal and who seeks to enrich the lives of others.   
  • you are a leader in business, education, religion,  healthcare or other,  and desire to more clearly define your mission and purpose.
  • you desire to overcome obstacles that are slowing your inner growth.
  • you seek to maximize your potential by balancing life’s conflicts.
  • you seek practical tools for pausing, stepping back for a clarifying look and forming a pro-active plan.

How long is the coaching relationship?

Because coaching is designed around the client’s agenda, the coaching sessions can vary for each client and his or her goals.

Is our work confidential?

YES! Everything we discuss will be held in client/coach confidentiality.

Will I have homework?

Yes, you may.  Coaches have often said that ‘ 90% of the work is between the calls.’ That ‘homework’ will depend on your goals for the coaching sessions, determined by the client and the coach.

What coaching qualifications does Sue have and why should I hire her?

I am certified by both Coach University and the International Coach Federation. I received my certification from the Highlands Company and have 20 years of coaching experience with all ages and professions- executives, business entrepreneurs, educators, health and wellness professionals, clergy, high school and college students and those who are transitioning into retirement. I developed my own Leadership program which I have used with students and health professionals at a local community hospital.

My strengths as a coach are: (a) Intuition, ( b) Inspiration, and  (c) Motivation (d) Practical Application and (e) Balance Management. I use these to empower you.  

To hire me as a coach will help you master your sense of personal conviction and career/life balance and choice—bringing more value to your work and improving your life.   

Will we have a contract?

Yes, we will establish a coaching contract if we work together monthly. ( Some clients may only want the one Highlands Ability feedback session). We will determine a monthly fee, when/how often we will meet, the initial terms of our agreement, payment as well as our commitments to each other. At that time I will also give you my policies, including  the cancellation policy, etc.